As much as the club is focused on training and competing, we recognize that the social aspect of the club is important in creating a team atmosphere; which is reflected on those cold wet cross-countries and warm track afternoons. Throughout the year we host fortnightly socials to bring the club together and release some steam after training. On top of these legendary events, the club have special one off events at Christmas and Summer as well as various weekends away.

Fortnightly Socials

Every two weeks, social secs Hannah and TJ will be lining up epic socials. Held at different venues across Nottingham and nearly always ending up with you stumbling up the ‘Crisis step of doom’ (youtube it, you’ll understand), these nights get the club mixing together. I’m not giving the themes away now because that would ruin the surprise, but whatever your thinking of, it will be bigger, wackier and better!

Christmas Meal

Every year UoNAC hosts a Christmas meal at one of Nottingham’s best city venues. These are a great way to celebrate our achievements so far, show we can dress smart, and end the year on a big night out! 

Weekends Away

Throughout the year, the club arrange socials across the country at venues such as Leeds, Cardiff and Manchester. Rounding off a day of racing with a night out makes sure you get the best out of the weekend!

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