The distance squad is for runners of all abilities and members take part in a mixture of Cross Country, Road and longer Track events. Most of the University year (September-March) is in the Cross Country season so this forms the largest focus for most of the squad, with BUCS Cross Country in February being the most important race of the year. However, some members may choose to focus on the indoors season. From March onwards members compete in Road Events (such as our own Ed Prickett Memorial Relays hosted annually on Campus) and Track events such as BUCS Outdoors.

Distance training starts on the 27th September!

The main Autumn/Winter training sessions for the distance squad are:

Monday (18:30 Portland Steps): Interval/Tempo/Hills session

Tuesday (18:30 PS): 3mile/5mile group runs

Wednesday (15:00 Highfields): Main session (often intervals)

Thursday (17:30 DRSV): 3mile/5mile group runs

Thursday (18:30 DRSV Sports Hall D): 3mile/5mile group runs

Friday: rest day!!!!

Saturday (10:00 Wollaton Hall): Grass interval session unless there is a race.

Sunday (10:00 PS): Group long distance run (approx 10 miles)

Locations can vary depending on weather etc. Check the Facebook page for updates. 

JSC = Jubilee Campus Sports Center  

PS = The steps outside Portland Building (the side of the building nearest the lake)

DRSV = David Ross Sports Village

Some alternative arrangements will be made for those who wish to focus on the Indoors season and the same will happen in Spring/Summer for the Outdoors season. Wednesday and Saturday sessions are led by our qualified coach David Lisgo and the remainder are led by committee members.

Sessions run in all weathers but Saturdays and Sundays may be amended when there are races or socials, check the Facebook group for details!

How do I join the distance squad?

You are very welcome to come along to Distance Squad sessions before joining, just read the question below to decide which training session is best for you and turn up! At the start of term you can sign up for a mailing list which gives you a two weeks long trial of the club, after this membership is payable (£35 for the year). You can join on the Students Union website, at the SU Box office or at Fresher’s fair. 

If you are wishing to join or sign up for the mailing list online please go to http://www.su.nottingham.ac.uk/sports/sport/athleticscc/, sign in and then add the relevant item to your basket before proceeding to the checkout

You do not need Sports Centre membership to be a member of our club or take part in training sessions (except if you sign up for our S&C programme).

What training sessions should I come to?

I’m new to running, or haven’t run in a while: Come to our Monday and Wednesday sessions, our coach David is present at these to advise everyone what to do, and we run in a small area so there’s no chance of getting left behind! We also encourage you to come to our 3 or 5 mile recreational runs on a Tuesday and Thursday, for more information look at our ‘Social Running‘ tab.

I’m an existing runner or other Sportsperson with a good level of fitness: Any of our sessions are probably suitable for you. How many you attend is up to you, though our coach David recommends Monday, Wednesday and Saturday/Sunday as a minimum (and the more serious members of the club will run much more than this!).

I’m an elite or Serious runner: If you are a serious or elite athlete please speak to Rosie (XC captain) and we will discuss how we can meet your training requirements.

What races can I take part in and how do I sign up?

The distance squad takes part in a variety of fixtures throughout the year, they are listed below. We encourage everyone who wants to race for us and most of our fixtures are a suitable standard for everyone. The captains will provide a fixture list for the term and notify members of upcoming races and how to sign up for them, for most races this will be via the Students Union website. The normal charge for a race is £5 including transport (weekends away like BUCS will cost more) and you must sign up my the deadline specified by the captains to get your place. Please follow the links for more information and previous race results.

BUCS Cross Country: the highlight of the cross Country Calendar, which sees most the Universities in the country competing away at the start of February (and having a massive after party), previous locations have included Gloucestershire, Sheffield and Edinburgh. Typical distance 7km Women, 8/11km Men.

East Mids. Cross Country league: A low level league suitable for all abilities, four Sunday morning fixtures. Typical distance Women 5km men 8km

North Mids. Cross Country league: Another fairly local league but with a higher standard, we recommend this for existing runners rather than one to make your first race! Four Saturday afternoon fixtures, typical distance 10km men, 6km women.

University Relays: We take part in a number of these across the country, some are cross country and some are on road. There is always a wide range of abilities present and suitable for all members. Typical Distances 3-5km.

BUCS Outdoors and Indoors: These take place on the track in February and May between all the Universities in the country. We can only enter two Athletes per event.

Track and Road Opens: During the late spring/summer the Distance squad will take part in some track opens and local road races.

Do I need kit and how do I get it?

Competition kit (vest and shorts): For most races the officials aren’t strict so you can borrow some of our old style kit. For BUCS however the new style kit must be worn and we have very little to lend out so we recommend buying your own. You can buy competition Kit from our General Sec Matt Crossman. 

Other kit: not required but lots of members like to have their own ‘stash’. The sports kit provider is Player Layer and is available to buy on the SU and Player Layer website- get in contact with Matt Crossman if you would like any further information. 

Who are the Committee? 

These are the 12 people elected to run your club at the AGM every March – speak to them if you’ve got any questions about anything, your cross country captain is Rosie Tomey. 

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