UoN Athletics



President –  Jack Millar, 3rd Year, Economics, Cross Country/5K Track

Vice President – Katie Buckingham, 2nd Year, Geography, Cross Country/400m

Treasurer – Will Morris, 2nd Year, Mechanical Engineering, Cross Country/10k

General Secretary – Vincent Ly, 4th Year, Civil and Environmental Engineering, 100m/200m

Communications – Hannah Fleet, 3rd Year, Medicine, Cross Country/ 10k road

Social Secretary – Megan Gildea, 2nd Year, Economics, Cross country/1500m/3000m

Social Secretary –  Jack Allison, 2nd Year, Pharmacy, 800m

Cross Country Captain – Daniel Leng, 2nd Year, Law, Cross Country/10k

Cross Country Captain – Adam Thorpe, 2nd Year, Mechanical Engineering, 800m/ Cross Country

Track Captain – Beth Mortiboy, 2nd Year, Chemistry, Triple Jump

Track Captain – Harry Ellis, 3rd Year, Medical Physics, 100m/200m

Home Fixtures – Allan Wilson, 2nd Year MA Counselling and Psychotherapy, Cross Country and long distance (10k, 10 mile, and half marathons).

Home Fixtures – Rea Steinberger, 2nd Year Neuroscience, Cross Country

Welfare Secretary – Beth Neal, 3rd Year English/Drama, Cross Country