President –  Charlie Everest, Economics and Politics, 800m/1500m

Vice President – Ruby McMillan, 3rd Year, Cross Country

Treasurer – George Leete, 3rd Year, Mathematics, Cross Country/ 3000m

General Secretary – Joe Miles, 3rd Year, Chemical Engineering, High Jump

Social Secretary – Joe Bryan, 3rd Year, Environmental Geoscience, Cross Country

Social Secretary –  Ella Morgan, 3rd Year, Zoology, Cross Country

Cross Country Captain – Claire Read, 3rd Year, Medicine, Cross Country

Cross Country Captain – Tam Calder, 4th Year, Medicine, Cross Country

Track Captain – Abby Hutchby, 400m/sprints

Home Fixtures – Charles Barry, 2nd Year, Medicine, Cross Country

Home Fixtures – Saul Westbrook, 2nd Year, Cross Country

Welfare and Communications – Franki Salter, 3rd Year, Dietetics and Nutrition, Cross Country

Welfare and Communications – Courtney Duffin-Hall, 3rd Year, Cross Country

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