The BUCS races are some of the largest and most anticipated races we take part in. Every year countless athletes from universities across the country come together for a weekend of fun and competition.

Cross Country

BUCS Cross Country consists of 3 races at the end of January/start of February. Typically, the Mens A race covers 12km, Mens B covers 8km and the Womens race 7km. Then, after a day of hard running, all of the teams come together to celebrate as only student athletes can with a massive afterparty!

This years event will be held at Brunel University on Saturday 5th February 2022. Keep up to date on information here

Cross-country results (2020)

Indoors BUCS

These will be held in Sheffield but the dates have not been confirmed. Keep up to date here

Indoor results (2020) and Competition Records


Neither the dates nor location have been confirmed as of yet, although they are usually held in Bedford. Keep up to date here.

Results (2019):

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