BUCS Nationals 2019!

The 15th February saw an early start for our BUCS team as we left for Sheffield. Some people appeared to pack very lightly, others not so much, some were even prepared for the journey with pillows. The journey there was quiet as usual since everyone was desperately trying to catch up on sleep. When we arrived, the track was deserted and they were still setting up so some also took this opportunity to catch up on much needed sleep. Finally, after two hours of just sitting it was time for registration and we were relieved to only have one potential problem with registration which was quickly resolved! PHEW!

First to take to the track were the men for the 60m heats. Michael ran a storming 60m heat finishing in a new personal best 7.28s! Tom ran in heat 11 and also finished in a fantastic time equalling his personal best from last year, 7.55s. We saw our first competitor in the men’s 60m ambulant heats, Joe and he ran close to his personal best in a time of 9.16s allowing him to progress to the final!

It was now the ladies turn to show how its done and they certainly did this! Hayley ran in heat 6 and won by a clear mile in a great time of 7.41s, enabling her to progress to the semis. Becca was up next in heat 10 and truly found her form, running in a time of 8.16s, another personal best!

The next event on the track was the 60m hurdles. Darren ran a clean race and managed to not let the barriers defeat him this year running it in a time of 9.24s.

Ella was up next representing the women in both the shot putt and the 60m hurdles which were very close together but she managed to put out two strong performances. She too had a clear run in 12.24s and threw the shot a distance of 9.66m. Her mum provided us with some great fuel… cakes and flapjacks which gave us all an energy boost! Thanks Ella’s mum!!

The 800m races were next. First up were the men, with Sam running first in heat 7 in a good time of 2:00.30s at his first BUCS event and Jack ran in heat 9 finishing in another good time of 1:58.03s. Sammy went in the 800m for the women producing a strong run finishing in a fantastic time of 2:26.49s.

Next, we moved back to the field, where Donelle and Beth were competing in the women’s triple jump. Both of them qualified for the final to take place on the Sunday, Donelle jumping a distance 11.07m and Beth jumping 11.45m despite injuring her ankle during the warm up jumps!

Hayley then took place in the semi-finals of the 60m improving on her heat time, running a very fast 7.38s winning her heat again by a long distance.

Joe took place in the ambulant men’s 60m final, again putting in a really strong performance, in a time of 9.18s.

To end the day, Hayley ran in the 60m final. After only the first few strides, Hayley already edged ahead of the others and maintained this to the finish, taking not only the title of BUCS champion 2019 but also equalling the championship record in 7.32s.

The Friday was going to prove difficult to beat but hopefully the Frankie and Benny’s re-energised everyone especially James and George who seem to never get full.

It was a fairly early start on the Saturday for everyone as we all met at the EIS for 9am to watch those who were competing in the morning. First to compete were Alex in the men’s long jump and Lucy in the first pool of the women’s long jump. Alex finished with a best jump of 5.77m, his best jump this indoor season and Lucy finished with a respectable jump of 4.45m.

Meanwhile, Katie was running in the ladies 1500m. She had a really strong run in a time of 4:51.82s returning to competing on an indoor track for the first time in a while.

Next were the men’s 400m heats which featured Giuseppe and Makun. Giuseppe went off like a rocket and finished in a time of 51.1s, beating his previous time by a massive 1.5s! Makun also looked strong until the end of his race finishing very close to Giuseppe’s time in 51.11s, meaning he had to give up the double bed due to losing a bet! They both narrowly missed out on the semi-finals by 0.03s and 0.04s respectively.

Back to the field took us over to the women’s pole vault qualifier with Grace and Katie. Both girls performed well at their first BUCS competition, Katie achieving a height of 2.60m.

Meanwhile, the men’s high jump was taking place featuring Joe and Jamie. Joe narrowly missed out on qualification for the final by one place jumping 1.90m and Jamie jumped a good height of 1.85m finishing just two places behind Joe.

We then moved back to the track for the women’s 400m. Jess had a great run at her first BUCS event finishing 3rd in her heat and qualifying for the semi-final in a time of 60.07s.

Jumping back over to the field for the second pool of the women’s long jump saw Donelle jump a great 5.14m.

As usual, the mascot race was good fun, we need to find our own mascot for next year! Maybe we should have an elected committee mascot? haha!

The longest races of the weekend were to take place next, allowing the distance group to showcase their talents out on the track. In the 3000m men’s race Adam Thorpe ran a great time of 8:54.49s. In the 3000m, Kiri won her heat and ran the fastest time qualifying for the final of the 3000m in 10:06.76s.

Bernice jumped well in the preliminary rounds qualifying for the final of the women’s high jump with a height of 1.63m.

To end the day, we had the men’s and women’s 4x200m relays. First up were the men with strong runs from each member of the team, James, Matt, Makun and George finishing in a time of 1:34.86s. The ladies representing women’s team were Jess, Amelia, Sammy and Becca completing the race in a time of 1:40.11s, narrowly missing out on the final by one place but they ran a new Nottingham record!

The day ended in pizza express and most people were exhausted. Despite this some of the team found the energy to play Irish snap and watch a great film, Moana in the evening.

It was time for the final day of the BUCS championships. We hoped to finish the weekend as we started. The day began with Beth and Donelle in the final of the women’s triple jump. Again, they both produced strong performances, Donelle jumping 10.85m and Beth jumping 11.22m.

Next it was time for the 200m heats, with Matt and James running for the men and Hayley and Becca representing the women. Becca ran the 200m in a time of 26.67s very close to her personal best set earlier this season. Hayley once again finished her race a good distance ahead of the others easing over the line in 24.28s qualifying for the semis. James produced a fantastic performance taking over 1 second off of his previous personal best completing the race in a time of 23.08s, just missing out on qualifying for the semis by 0.02s. Next up was Matt whose form looked strong for the duration of the race completing it in a time of 24.22s.

Jess ran a good race in the semis of the 400m, finishing in a time of 60.43s.

Hayley was next on the track for Notts and won her semi final in a time of 24.28s equally her heat time. She makes it look so easy!

Kiri placed 6th in the final of the women’s 3000m, improving her time from the heats to 9:58.82 in the final.

Joe was up next in the men’s ambulant long jump jumping a great 3.42m, just shy of his personal best of 3.46m.

Bernice competed in the women’s high jump final clearing a height of 1.66m finishing in an amazing 7th place overall!

To end the weekend, Hayley was running in the 200m final. Hayley led from within the first few strides to the finish running a new championship record time of 23.49s, taking the gold medal once again!

It was finally time to head back to Nottingham for a well earned rest!

All in all it was a great weekend, coming home with two BUCS gold Medals (well done Hayley) and plenty of personal bests and a stronger team spirit than ever. Thank you to everyone who participated over the weekend and a special thanks to the University of Nottingham’s sport team who looked after us with food and physio over the weekend!

The team spirit over the weekend was great and thanks to everyone who helped organise and supported us at the weekend! Lets gets preparing for Outdoors!



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