Welcome Relays 2016 – Race Report

As per tradition the annual Welcome Relays took place on the Saturday 8th of October in Wollaton Park, a friendly race around the lake where newcomers to the club could get to know each other. We had a fantastic turnout of 41 superb athletes sorted into 11 teams of 4 – the keenest of which ran 2 laps instead of one.

It was a wonderful autumn afternoon offering optimal running conditions – on the other hand the general public thought so too, meaning some unlucky runners had to deviate from the path to avoid hitting people! Despite that every single person ran around the 1.85k loop in impressive time undeterred by the hill up to Wollaton Hall. Exciting times ahead for UoN AC athletes, a massive well done to everyone who competed!


Team M finished 1st with a brilliant time of 26 minutes and 33 seconds, followed by teams F and K which had overall times of 27:32 and 28:01 respectively. The fastest lap was run in 5 minutes and 41 seconds by newcomer Sam Stevens, followed closely by our very own president Jack Millar who ran the lap in 5:42. Newcomer Tom McGuinness also finished the lap in under 6 minutes with a time of 5:51. Among the females newcomer Hannah Novakovic ran the fastest lap in a fantastic 6 minutes and 54 seconds. As part of the winning team newcomer Kiri Marsh ran the second fastest lap in nimble 7 minutes and 16 seconds, followed by our Vice President Katie Buckingham with a time of 7 minutes and 32 seconds.

After a collective cool down prizes where awarded and everyone headed to mooch for a well deserved meal and drinks – a fool proof way to end the day after all that intense running!

Extending a thank you to an incredibly supportive committee and their family members the event ran smoothly and we even ended up with a collection of delightful pictures, capturing super running styles, which can be viewed on out Instagram and on Facebook. Full results can be found on our Facebook page.


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